be careful what you wish for progressives

It’s a scary day for America. The Obama administration is ramming an expensive, paid-for-by-your taxes and by businesses who cannot afford it either, healthcare program down the throats of Americans that 73% of us don’t want!
Yeah, normally we’d say ‘Oh don’t worry, any major bill which equates to 1/6 th of the economy has to pass the House and Senate first anyway…so they can’t force it on us.’ Wrong.
Speaker Pelosi said ” We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it….and after we kick down the doors we’ll change more”
Oh, ok, we’ll trust YOU, nancy… Uh, at least 16% of Americans who approve of the current administration will. The other 84% of us not so much.
Be afraid, liberals. Be afraid, progressives. Those of you who are self-employed or UNemployed (=10% of the nation’s population) will be forced, by law, to buy a policy from the government OR you will be fined $3,000! Imagine, you don’t have money to buy food for your family, but the IRS (yes, IRS) will impose a $3,000 fine on you because you didn’t fall in line and buy the gov’s insurance policy.
And did you know they snuck in an student tuition loan bill in there too, not to mention the many state “sweetheart deals.”
The local news just interviewed a handful of people who were marching in Detroit in support of the bill today (ignoring the hundreds of thousands in Wash DC protesting it). The leader of this protest said, “yeah, this will be the largest middle class tax cut in our history!” Huh????…tax cut? Uh, wrong bill, NO tax cuts here, just INCREASED taxes to pay for the $970 BILLION program.
Be careful liberals you are about to get what you wished for. Enjoy.

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