From Biker Chick to Titanium Chick

I left work on my bike on Oct 20th to go home. I was on a busy road lined with business and commerce buildings. Apparently a deer decided to leap across the road at that moment. He (or she) jumped over the hood of a car ahead of me and to the left, and into my lane just in time to catch me on his way down. So he knocked me off my bike (my bike kept going another 1/3 of a mile).

 I remember NOTHING, thank God! I remember leaving work that day and then I woke up in the hospital when my husband told me I had been in an accident with a deer. I was surprised.

 He hit me from my left side, knocking me off,  and the impact was largely on my head, face and chest. Knocked unconscious…as they say “she never knew what hit her.” Evidently I came off the bike and landed somewhere on the shoulder or in a turn lane. People behind me saw it all happen and called 911.

They first took me to the closest hospital. Then the next day when they realized I had suffered major trauma to my face — all face bones except forehead were essentially smashed, cheekbones, jaw, nose, left eye socket, concussion and bruised chest, plus road rash on my stomach, legs, hip, etc. — the Drs knew I would need trauma surgery. They needed to send me to a maxillofacial surgery specialist. These are the surgeons who specialize in fixing trauma to the face.

So the next day they transferred me to another hospital where there were maxillofacial specialitists who were available to operate on me right away, I was told) Recently I was told that the best, most experienced maxillofacial surgeons work out of the inner-city hospitals like Henry Ford and DMC, where they have more trauma cases.

 Then on 10/24 they did the surgery, placing about 10+  titanium metal plates, bolts and supports in my face. These will stay in, even after the bone structure begins to heal after the first month or two.

So now I’ve got a few new scars on my face. They also put full braces on my teeth, not over the teeth like my son’s, but on the gums where the roots are. This was because apparently my teeth were very unstable in my jaw and they needed to keep them in there until the bone starts to grow back.

There’s a chance the braces may be taken off next week, during my weekly visit with one of the surgeons. That will make life easier and better, I’ll be able to eat and talk much better. My jaw was not actually wired shut, although they discussed it, but the upper and lower braces are help together with bands to stabilize them.

 But it’s all good, I’m alive!  The officer who was first on the scene said that I was so lucky my injuries were not worse. He said I was even lucky that I was on a bike instead of in a car. The deer would have crashed right through the front windshield, quite possibly killing me and/or breaking my neck.

So many people, including the Drs and medical professionals, have told me how lucky I was.  I could have lost an arm or two, a leg or two, or just have not lived through it all.  I know God was watching over me and had some choice guardian angels around me during the entire accident. I am so thankful to be alive and to be healing!


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