My healing process is going well, even though there are ups and downs.  The overall direction is up. As I had explained in the “lost update” I am an impatient person. When I know what needs to be done (healing) I just want to get on with it and get it done.

 Alas, healing, especially from the kind of trauma my body went through, is not overnight. I thought I would be back to work and be myself within 2 weeks, and it’s not happening that fast. The accident was 4 weeks ago, tomorrow and the surgery will have been 4 weeks ago this coming Saturday.  

My face is looking more and more like me, each day, plus a few new scars. I’m actually kind of proud of those scars — they show I’ve lived and have survived. They will gradually fade, but for now, they are part of who I am.  Besides, I earned them, I’m kinda proud of them. It makes me unique. 😛

I have to re-learn how to smile and laugh, it’s different with plates and bolts in your face, the muscles don’t respond the same. But I think more of my natural expression is starting to come back a little each day. Once these silly gum braces are off I think I’ll be able to smile better, certainly eat and talk better.

It is amazing though, how much of a toll an accident takes on you, though, in ways you don’t realize. Though the scars are visible on the outside, there are many effects you don’t readily see, but they sneak up on you. For instance, after i got home from the hospital, I started seeing new bruises that hadn’t shown up right away — my whole chest was bruised, there were bruises up and down my arms and on my legs and hip. One toe was broken, a rib was cracked and I occasionally get (short lived) headaches from the concussion or possibly from the new metal in my head. It takes time before you get your strength back. I still sleep 10 hours at night and still NEED an hour nap during the day.

So after a couple long conversations with my Drs., we’re thinking that Nov 30th, the week after Thanksgiving, would be a good time for me to go back to work part-time. I’m just not sure I can jump from my current recuperating state to 40 hours a week.

When I go to the weekly surgeon visit tomorrow, he MAY take off my braces. They were put there in lieu of wiring my mouth closed, so that my teeth would stay in place and not all fall out when my jaw was crushed.  We’ll see when he takes them off, whether my teeth behave themselves and stay where they are supposed to, I sure hope so. 🙂  That will make eating and talking easier.


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