thoughts on Obamacare

where to begin??

I am a Conservative. Used to be a Democrat. Quite honestly, I’m partly glad this Obama Care bill passed.

Now all the progressive/socialist true colors will come to light; the socialists will have nowhere to hide. It will be undeniable – the fudged and fabricated facts about costs and responsibilities, (the double-counting of Medicare/Medicaid dollars – Medicare is already bankrupt by the way) the reality of who exactly is paying and how much, the length of time before anything meaningful happens. The many flaws, sweetheart deals and broken promises that comprise this bill. 
The 17 lawsuits by States and Atty Generals that are opposed to the unfair allocation of Medicare costs….ohhhh, there’s so much more. Don’t forget the increased loss of jobs in States like MI (14.3% unemployment according to Dept. of Labor because companies are forced to spend billions on healthcare plans and cannot hire! Imagine!

One example, Caterpillar evaluated they will have to spend an additional $100 Million on healthcare and will not be able to fill positions in the company because of it. AT&T says they have to spend $1 Billion more on healthcare, taking it away from jobs.

So go on, liberals, Dems, Socialists, gloat! For the next 5 minutes because that’s all ya got.


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2 Responses to thoughts on Obamacare

  1. Dawn Johnson says:

    Like you and other Americans, I am worried about where this Health Care Bill is taking us. With such a large debt and our shrinking dollar something has to give.

    I like the idea that each state take back their own power and lets start fixing our health care, financial system and educational system in our own back yards.

    Pay attention to those who will be running for elected seats here in Michigan.

    • tichick says:

      Agreed! If each state took back their rightful Constitutional endowed power to govern the people, then we can deal with things on a state-by-state basis, it makes all the sense in the world!! Not Big Gov owning and dictating (yes, dictating) everything. Yes indeed, I will be paying close attention to November elections!!! Very close.

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