if it walks like a Socialist

After I wrote the last post and turned the computer off I realized the full gov’t takeover of healthcare did not happen.  Not exactly.

They talked a great deal about it and really wanted it but couldn’t get it through (thank God!).  Do you really know what is in that healthcare bill? No one does yet, they are taking it apart now and trying to sort it out to see whether it will really fly.

So yes, while our healthcare is not socialized, it IS government controlled, monitored, directed. The scary part is, so are ALL OF US! They are hiring 16,500 new IRS agents for one purpose — guess what? To track down, fine and penalize every individual, every small business and every unemployed or self-employed person who does not buy health insurace. Did you read George Orwell’s 1984??

So, while we may not have socialized medicine like France, it is so heavily FED gov’t regulated, it is about the same.

The fact is, the States (and there are now at least 17 States suing the Fed) already heavily regulate healthcare! From the insurance companies to the providers – all aspects of healthcare. Yes, we all agree it is broken. But since when has heavy FED gov’t regulation EVER fixed ANYTHING???? (…crickets…)

Another sidebar: When I had my horrific motorcycle collision with a deer last fall, the healthcare system worked fine, even great for me! The insurance I have through my employer (BCBS – not a “cadillac” plan, a basic plan) paid exactly what it was supposed to pay and even helped me troubleshoot when something wasn’t right. I had many discussions with them on the phone, but they were not evil, they were not trying to scam me or rip me off! They paid what their contract said they should pay, and worked with me to straighten out the rest.

The only thing the Feds could do that would make sense is to provide guidelines, rules, and incentives for each STATE to fix their local healthcare systems. Even mandates. Not heavily regulate them and expect them to magically work.

As far as Liberalism vs. Socialism, I have a pretty good idea. When I voted Democrat (sometimes I voted Republican too) for most of the past 30 years, I generally thought of myself as a Democrat, maybe even a Liberal. But never a Socialist.

I knew that Socialism goes against everything in our Free Market, Capitalistic, US Constitution-based society. Socialism goes against FREEDOM. However, if you look closely at the ideals and the PRACTICES of Liberals and Socialists, I challenge you to find significant differences. They are kissin’ couzins.

Either you believe in the Articles and Amendments of the US Constitution as written or you don’t. Either you believe the power of the United States rests with the STATE governments and the PEOPLE, not the Fed gov’t, or you don’t.

If it looks like a Socialist, walks like a Socialist, quacks like a Socialist, it is a ________.


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2 Responses to if it walks like a Socialist

  1. Tami says:

    So glad to have my gal on the side of the US Constitution, the true history of this great contry, real freedom, and the true intentions of our great founders.

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