recovering liberal

I saw this recently on a FB post, can’t remember where. But I do relate to it. I believe I am a recovering liberal.

I voted for Obama in ’08. 

I was so happy there was a refreshing, idea-generating, invigorating candidate in contrast to the previous turbulent and disappointing years of George Double-ya. Arrogant, out of touch, let-me-establish-myself-as-an-American-legend-by-invading-Iraq, George double-ya. 

Anybody But Bush

And as a bonus, Obama was African American, giving a much needed boost to all my African American friends (and all of us) so we could stand tall and say, “Yeah, the President of the largest, most powerful free nation in the world, is black, how do you like that?”  Well I certainly did.  It made me very proud to be an American.

He wasn’t a token black, either. Even with his checkered past, including affiliations with radicals and racists, and Muslim schooling, he was no “yes” man. Very intelligent and educated. He wrote a couple of books before he was elected. In his campaign he highlighted Change, Transparency, and pulling out the troops from Iraq, Creation of Jobs for the middle class.  All policies which made a lot of sense to me.

I was genuinely excited about his talk of “change.”  I noticed my young nephews who lived in Chicago were too, as many Gen X and Yers got on the Obama bandwagon.  Cool. Something to get excited about in politics for a change.

In life in general, and in politics ESPECIALLY, things are not always what they seem. This is what I have learned since the election, and this is why I now regret voting for Obama.

Once a Politician…Always a Politician

He was and is a politician in the truest sense. Telling the people what they needed to hear, longed to hear, and offering attractive alternatives and change. Offering much more than he can deliver.  And with a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress and Senate, he surely should be able to work miracles. Or at least pass great legislation. Nope.

And it’s not the Republican’s, the minority party’s fault.  If his ideas and policies were so great for the People of the United States, surely all the Dems who were hired to represent these people, would recognize that and support him. They do not. At least those who are in touch with their constituents.

I’m not Listening….*hands over ears* blah blah blah…

There are many political polls out there. We all know you can take your pick of which one you like. This Washington Post article by Democratic Pollster and Author, Douglas E. Schoen, explains what’s going on with the People:

Absent a bold new focus from President Obama, the victories of March — no matter how historic — will pale next to the electorate’s deep-seated angst about the economic future. A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll completed right before the health-care vote found that only 39 percent of respondents favored the legislation, with 59 percent opposed. Other polls have consistently showed a solid majority against the health-care bill, and only around 40 percent supporting it. The president’s job approval rating, though up slightly with the legislation’s passage, was 41 percent on health care and 45 percent on the economy.

Those of us who saw that Dems were not listening to us tried to get their attention. We demonstrated, we wrote, we called and we emailed our Congress and Senate representatives. Same with the President – he admitted to getting 40,000 emails and letters a day. Think they were all in favor of the bill? Haha, not likely. The stats above tell us only 39% of those were in favor, so only about 16,000 of those 40,000 were cheering Obama on.

Several hundred thousand of us rallied at Tea Party demonstrations, although not an official political party, to tell Washington “Listen up!  We DON’T want this plan. Come up with something better, something that serves The People! Listen to us!”  They did not. They still do not.

Oh yes, we wanted a Healthcare policy. We wanted Obama, Pelosi & Co to come up with a solid plan, not one in which the Fed Government is holding a Pelosi-style gavel over our heads plan demanding we buy insurance whether we have the money or not.

But where are the Jobs?

As mentioned in the above quote, the American people are pre-occupied with another matter — Jobs. Why??? Because about 10% of us are out of work! Sure, healthcare is important, but if you have no money to pay your bills or to buy food, healthcare is secondary.

Michigan is at the TOP of the unemployment charts right now. Yeah we lead all other states with a rate of 14.3%.  Makes you proud, doesn’t it?  Unless, like a close relative of mine, you happen to be IN that 14.3% out of work group. And this person has been unsuccessfully seeking a job for more than 2 years.

And exactly how are the uninsured supposed to buy healthcare if they have NO(0, zero, none, nothing coming in) income?  Or the fines levied on them by the government to spank them for not buying into Big Brother’s plan? Where is the common sense???

FACTS: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148) and the amendments – Reconciliation Act, HR 4872

This article is still in progress, not done. Topics are ongoing. My friend, one of the most intelligent people I know, is a CPA and a Controller. She knows her finances. She sent me an article about the financial provisions of the Healthcare Reform Act, not written by a journalist, but directly from The Journal of Accountancy.

After I’ve had a chance to read, analyze, understand and interpert what it says (it’s written in both politic-speak and finance-speak, in neither of which I am fluent). I will post findings here. She said she’ll try to find the time to help summarize what the regulations are.


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  1. TiredOfItAll says:

    Don’t forget the endless promises of transparency, and posting all legislation online 5 days before signing, and all debate being open and on C-span, etc. The whole political prosess has become an embarassment with the backroom deals and political payoffs. It seems the only chance at really getting any change is to enact term limits to minimize the influence of special interest groups.

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