Unlike any other

This Spring, for me, is unlike any other.

Normally by now, mid-April I would have been riding my motorcycle for over a month in the chilled spring air. I would have put a couple hundred miles on my bike already.

Normally I would be looking for any excuse to head out on the road for a little after-work cruise, an early Saturday morning ride while the birds were chirping, a leisurely afternoon or evening ride, or a relaxing all day excursion with friends or my dear hubby.

For the past 7 years motorcycle riding has been a significant part of my life, one of my favorite things to do. For me Spring time and riding were inexplicably intertwined into one lovely, exhilarating, breathtaking, joyful jaunt. Not now. I really miss riding.  Over 43,000 miles of it.

If it weren’t for the huge tax bill we owe this year, we’d probably be thinking about getting a used bike or two to continue our addiction. But it’s not happening for us this year.

Being the philosophical soul I am, I decided as winter gasped its last breath several weeks ago not to let it get me down. Oh it could, so easily. I don’t like being down.

Aside from that, there are diverse things I love about Spring, even without a motorcycle. I am re-acclimating myself to the joys and beauties of Spring before I ever thought about owning a bike.
So what’s so great about Spring, without riding?

Gardening – I love flowers and plants and my spirit thrives when they are bursting forth all around me

Walking the dog – yeah, it’s a simple thing, but a good quiet time, alone with my thoughts, my dreams, my prayers and my plans. No demands, just walking and marinating in my thoughts while the dog has himself a high old time sniffing God only knows what

Critters – The sound of birds in the morning when the sun is coming up – Nothing more needs to be said

My neighborhood – Watching my neighborhood come alive with kids again, doing all sorts of kid things outside, their laughter and voices peppering the air. Life should be that way.

Ducks – Mr and Mrs. Mallard have made a nest in part of my perennial garden beneath the trees. The nosey dog investigates only to be rebuffed by the Mrs with a piercing quack quack. Comic relief.

My family – Not that I have a new one, just the same old family, but I have more time to just hang out with them. Do fun things, or do nothing together. It’s all good.

And the less obvious – more time to do other things I love to do outside and inside, during this temporary reprieve from motorcycle riding.

Like my colored pencil drawings. I’ve been wanting to start a new one for about 2 years when I finished the last one of my former horse, Rocky. I will now. I even have the image in my mind already.

Playing my viola – I love making music. It’s another personal expression that makes my soul blossom. It’s personal, mostly just between me, myself, and God. An ongoing conversation that we pick up almost every day. 

I do miss my bike and riding, but I don’t miss life. It’s here in all its beauty and simplicity and I’m going to ride it, and not miss a thing.

I also think of my many biker friends who are out there on the roads and I wish them only the best of rides, the safest of travels, and God speed.

Like God has held me in the palm of His hand, even during my accident, I pray He holds each of you in the same loving way, every lovely minute of every day.


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