Benevolent Parent? or Big Gov Mucking Around?

A discussion of Big Gov brings to mind a recent comment on my FB page, by a Lib friend. She doesn’t like the term ‘Big Gov’ but that is exactly what she means when she says:

“Do I think the American people need a babysitter? I suppose you could call it that. I was thinking more along the lines of a parent, but sure. A babysitter, if you prefer. Americans, as a whole, are lazy, greedy people…and yes, I think they need oversight.”

I find her rationale (or lack of it) scary. Granted, a year ago I was in a similar Dem/liberal mindset, but now I do find the idea that Americans need “parenting” by the Fed Gov, disturbing. And insulting. I couldn’t disagree more.

Dear Liberal/Socialist:
IF the Fed Gov were a “model parent,” and not run by the same “greedy” people you say it is trying to protect…IF it were not drunk with the power of “Change! Now! Our Way! We Rule! Give me the larger-than-life Gavel Because I’ve Got the Power!” then maybe we could trust them to look out for our best interests. While stimulating a free economy built on true capitalistic competition. But no, not even close. This is becoming more clear with every new regulation Congress and the Obama admin thrusts upon us.

No where in The Constitution does it even imply that ‘We the People’ are stupid, lazy, greedy and need oversight, much less by a power-crazed, money-driven, entitlement-doting, co-dependent Fed Gov. Show me where it says that.

It’s not “We the Children,” it’s “We the People.” If we are indeed as greedy and lazy as you say, then the current Admin is clearly our co-dependent and enabler. A classic case of asking the wolf to guard the sheep.

I just have to ask, WHY would it be better for the American people to be “parented” by any government, but especially this government?


Fact: Big Government does not work. Globally there are many examples, today examples.

What has NOT worked throughout history is Government controlling everything. It does not work in Europe. Look at Spain with its European style socialistic gov that controls everything and a current unemployment rate of 20%

Look at Greece and their financial turmoil. over inflated social programs are a huge factor. Big Gov is in control there, not the people. $400 Billion in debt, downgraded credit rating to junk status – who’s going to invest in the country’s bonds?

Greece is bankrupt because the Fed Gov runs everything. Like a reckless parent with no rules, they spend, spend, spend on social programs. Workers retire at age 51 and like out of control spoiled brats, riot in the streets, burning businesses, banks and government offices because the gov can no longer afford to support them all with pensions at so young an age. Spoiled children who have no comprehension of nor memory of a time when Gov did not pay their way.

Big Gov = Government-FORCED re-distribution of wealth.

Capitalism is free and open competition of the private sector, not the Fed gov taking over large sections of private industry then overpaying workers and controlling all the outflow. That is indeed the problem – this is NOT how capitalism works! This is how Socialism works.

Socialism includes: Big Government, nationalization of industry, massive taxation, wealth redistribution by the Fed Gov (not market driven) The Obama Administration continues to actively promote all of these.

Comments From Dave:
We can attribute the current Big Gov trend to Obama. His agenda has angered and worried many. The “transparent” greed and corruption we saw during the passage of the big Obamacare Act thing showed us that the government is only interested in itself and its power.

Where needed, and only where needed, the States are granted power by the Constitution in Amend 10 “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or TO THE PEOPLE.”

Take the bank bailouts. If the government had not gotten involved then either some big banks would fail for bad business practice (which I think should have happened) or they would have gone into a restructuring, bankruptcy court.

In other words the Gov intervention was NOT a good thing because it rewarded the bad behavior! It doesn’t seem right does it? There seems to be a trend rewarding people for not doing the right thing.

Fast forward: Now the mess we are in. The actual catalyst? The government getting involved in the first place. My point is that the government IS the problem, not the solution. I am not saying we should not have a regulated economy in fact that is exactly what the framers of the constitution had in mind. Taking 40-50 percent of the money we make in taxes (and I am talking all taxes not just income taxes including corporate taxes which the consumer pays) would make them turn in their graves.

It would be nice if the government was efficient and trustworthy enough to fix things, but do you really think they will actually fix anything or just mess something else up?

Comments From Kevin:
Dems big gov and Repub big government are two different things.

Dems want big gov that controls our daily lives. Repubs want big gov to protect us from foreign aggression. One is to protect others from hurting us, and the other is the gov attempting to protect it’s citizens from themselves. Need it or not.

Note that “spreading the wealth” means stealing from those that have worked hard for their money, and giving it to those that have not.

Cap and Trade works the same way. It’s all theft.

Maybe Obama can spread the wealth by giving away those millions of dollars he makes on the side. You wont be seeing that happen though. This is only for us ants. Not the important people.


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