The Party of Prejudice and Racism

Since Obama took office, if you are a Conservative or Republican — anything but a Democrat/Liberal — and you criticize the Obama Administration you will likely be called “racist.”

You can question policies, legislation, government spending, excessive government control, the “doomed” healthcare act, the lack of national border protection, Fannie Mae/Freddie mac, Cap & Trade, Middle East policies…it doesn’t matter…you will still be called racist. You can pile on the facts and figures…you are a racist.

This is such a moronic and weak deflection technique it truly does not deserve a response.

I have learned the TRUTH about racism and bigotry in America, how and when it first formed as an ugly cancer upon our nation. The Democrats/Liberals do not want you to know this. They’d rather just call you “racist” for intelligently disagreeing with policies of the current Administration.

Update June 1, 2010 – Conversations from Facebook – Full of truths

“Civil Rights Act of 1875. Sponsored by two Congressional republicans and guaranteed that all people, regardless of race, color, or previous servitude, were entitled to the same treatment in public
accommodations. Signed into law by a Republican President nearly 90 years before Johnson signed the 1964 Act; The 1964 took many provision from the 1875 Act. Reading is fundamental.”

“Ah but as always the Democrats don’t like the truth being told, especially about the KKK being their baby too. Why LIE and claim you aren’t a racist group? Why bring race up all the time and try to claim it’s the other side that’s racist? That tells me you are VERY ASHAMED of what you stand for, as you should be. I’m no party expert but think that one which advocated murdering blacks solely based on colour, and still thinks it’s ok to leave live born babies to die after late term induced abortions, has much to be ashamed of itself for.”

“And nobody can still give me an answer as to what idiot decided the party symbol would be a jackass? I mean – it is very apt, all things considered, but who in their right mind would choose that. I’d love to know whose idea it was. Yes, I know they had to change the chicken symbol because they didn’t want the black folks thinking they were racist.”

DNC= party of plantation owners and the KKK

“{{{Raising my hand exasperatingly to answer the jackass question}}} ok The Jackass was chosen during the Andrew Jackson campaign to represent the common people…who knew that 180 years later it would stand for their utter stupidity”

“Civil rights act of 1957, sponsored by Republicans and a Republican prez, watered down to NOTHING by senate majority leader lbj.”

“The purpose of the act initinally was to give the vote to the 80% of blacks who were intimidated into NOT voting by the night riding enforcers for the dim-0 party, the KKK.”

“The ONE good thing about the act was that lbj feared Republicans getting a good one thru, forcing him to do one himself. lbj was still scared of it, famously declaring that dim-0s had lost the south when he signed it into law, fearing that 80% would vote Republican. He had another trick though, the “great society.” THAT gave dim-0s the black vote while sending a thrill up the leg of the klan when they saw what it did to the black family.”

“Interesting though that this civil rights act was overturned by the SCOTUS for the same reason Rand Paul had reservations about the 1964 Act. Does government have a right to dictate to an individual? But still, we were light years ahead with our race relations until the KKK and Jim Crow set us back to the 1850s.”

“Why has so much black history been erased? How come the black community doesn’t embrace our own heroes like John Menard who I mentioned the other day, the 1st black congressman ever, elected in 1868 in Louisiana! Ignorance certainly equals victimhood.”

Here we go:

In Congress, Republicans sponsored and passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments – sacred to black Americans. These Amendments abolished slavery, granted citizenship and gave Blacks the right to vote.

The NAACP was founded and financed by three white persons who opposed the Democrats racist practices and lynchings.

In Arkansas, it was Democrat Governor Orval Faubus who blocked nine black students from entering Central High. This opened the door for Republican President Eisenhower to send troops to enforce desegregation.

The make-up of the founders of the NAACP were: Whites, Jews and Negros. At that time, they considered Colored People to be EVERY COLOR of PEOPLE, brown, red–American Indians from India, yellow and beige– Asians that were not Japanese, Chinese or Korean. The NAACP went black because African Americans were the only group actually “called” colored people. It was never meant to be just for Negros.

From c.1867 to 1900, every one of our Negro Legislators and Senators were Republican and Preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Black people had NO Democrat representation of any kind until 1956. Many blacks feel the political dignity and persuasion as a People has been on a downhill slide ever since.

The Democrats invented the Jim Crow laws.

The 1864 Democratic Party platform called for peace with the Confederacy and a two-nation solution that would preserve slavery forever.

There is an illustration on this website, which makes a political statement that captures the mood of the nation at the time. The print is titled, “Compromise with the South”, and the caption reads, “Dedicated to the Chicago Platform.”

Basically, George McClellan (Democrat) was running against Abraham Lincoln (Republican) and the Democratic convention was held in Chicago. The Chicago Platform, which McClellan was running on was to end the war by compromising with the south.

The artist, Nast was a fierce supporter for the Union cause. This illustration is a classic example of Nast skillfully using allegory and melodrama in his art to support the cause he believed was just.

“Compromise with the South,” published in Harper’s Weekly on September 3, 1864, shows Columbia weeping at the grave of “Union Heroes in a Useless War” as a weary Union amputee shakes the hand of a neatly groomed Southern soldier. The epitaph on the grave reads “In memory of the Union Heroes who Fell in a Useless War”.

On the grave is a broken sword that reads “Northern Power”. The Southern flag to the right of the print is inscribed with the word “Treason” and has a list of alleged Rebel atrocities in the war. The upside down union flag on the right has a list of the bloody battles of the war the Union had suffered through.

The image is said to have brought Nast “instant fame” and was reprinted widely by the Republicans in their effort to have Lincoln re-elected. The image showed that if the Nation adopted McClellan’s position, that it would in fact be a victory for the South, and all the sacrifice and loss in the war would have been for nothing.

It is widely believed that this image played a crucial role in the re-election of Abraham Lincoln to a second term as President.

So think again, my Liberal friends, before you spew out “racist!” at another American who takes exception to the policies of the Obama Administration.


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One Response to The Party of Prejudice and Racism

  1. Tired_of_it_all says:

    So many inconvenient truths. They just want to hide history and blame everything on someone else.

    It really is time for people to take responsibility for themselves and quit looking for handouts, and don’t call me a racist for saying that.

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