Why I am a Conservative

update May 25, 2010

I am in the process of transcribing a series of three new video blogs (vlogs?) Jamal posted on YouTube, called: “Iran and the Obama Administration” Watch for these hopefully this week, posted here and on Jamal’s own blog, “Thoughts from a Conservative Mind.”

We need a lot more good, strong, clear-thinking, Constitutional-focused minds like Jamal’s in America, right now! 🙂

The following is a re-post:
This was transcribed from a video posted on YouTube, by a young black Conservative named Jamal Greene. Inspiring, positive and full of the kind of hope we need in this country now.

Recently I discovered Mr. Greene’s blog. Thoughts from A Conservative Mind The YouTube video wasn’t just a one-time, flukey but brilliant oratory, his blog contains other remarkably rich and insightful posts. Facts, facts, facts and no name calling. That’s what I like. And I have since learned that he is a graduate student working on his Masters in Global Affairs. He does have political ambitions, possibly to become Governor of… or a Senator in…..? 🙂 His current occupation is a Political Writer.

“I am a Conservative because I believe in American exceptionalism. I believe that Democracy and the rule of law are man’s best hope on earth and our way of life must be defended.”

“As President Kennedy said “We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order the assure the survival and success of Liberty.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe in open and free market capitalism, and that capitalism is the best engine for economic growth and prosperity, not wealth redistribution. It is because of capitalism and the free market that America has remained the envy of the world in terms of our standard of living which is second to none.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe that the Second Amendment is essential if we are to protect the first. I believe that the ANT and the estate tax, more accurately known as the “death tax” should be permanently eliminated and repealed. There is no reason that any person should be taxed even after their death. I believe in the right of the unborn to live.”

“I am a Conservative because I am a citizen of the United States of America and not of the world. I believe America is a soverign nation and that our national security decisions should reflect our interests and not those of the United Nations.”

“I believe that the American President is not elected to rule by global consensus, but to defend the interests and ideals of the United States of America by any means necessary.”

“I believe in the principles of Democracy and that America should always be a fierce advocat of Liberty.”

“I believe in the rights of the individual and not of the government to make decisions about one’s life and well-being. I believe in healthcare reform but within the free market and through the free market; not through government takeovers and unconstitutional mandates.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe in the US Constitution and that it is the supreme and ultimate authority on all laws enacted to govern the country.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe in the application of the Tenth Amendment. I believe that all powers not specifically enumerated by the Constitution to the Federal government, belong to the States, and thereby, We the People.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe in America. America is a place where anything is possible if you work hard and apply your natural talents. America is a place where a child can grow up on welfare to become the leader of the free world. America is a country where your place in society is not cemented at birth because of a less than desirable socio-economic status. In America, the dream is still possible.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe it is immoral to steal from one man and give to another. I consider it to be theft for the government to seize the assets through taxation or regulation of private business and use those funds as a piggy-bank for their own social experience.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe in the freedom of choice in education. I am a proponent of merit pay for teachers that produce results and penalties for ineffective teachers who do not.”

“I believe every parent should have the choice to remove their children from failing public schools and with some assistance to be able to send their children to the schools of their choice.”

“As a Conservative I would like to see the States take a more active role in providing educational polices for the children of their own States. I do not believe in a Federal one-size-fits-all education policy for our nation’s schools. I believe that these are decisions that should be made at the State level by our governors, by our state legislatures, by our mayors, by our local officials and not politicians in Washington.”

“I am a Conservative because I believe America’s greatness is ahead of us and not behind us. I believe that if the Federal government would get out of the way of the American spirit of ingenuity, Americans will pull the nation out of this recession and into a real and sustained recovery.”

“I believe the Federal government should drastically cut personal, payroll, investment and corporate taxes to spur economic growth.”

“As a Conservative, I believe that it is time for our elected officials to tell the truth regarding America’s unsustainable debt. Currently the U.S. has outstanding liabilities for all debt of over $76 Trillion.”

“In hope and in closing, I am a Conservative most of all because I believe in individual freedom and I believe in the rights of all men to life, to Liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness.”

“My name is Jamal and I do thank you for watching my video.”


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