Obamacare — A Christian’s Perspective

Obamacare — a Christian’s Perspective

by Titanium Chick

(To keep this article short, I only cited a couple reasons why I oppose Obamacare, there are many more. What do you think? Please comment.)

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was passed in March, 2010.

I am a Christian Conservative, on the moderate right. Recently someone commented on FaceBook “Christians are against socialized healthcare. Obama has created a ‘socialized’ medical system. So what you are basically saying is that you want children to die in the streets for lack of medical care. That ‘taxing’ you to provide basic medical resources to every poor person in the country is wrong. I wonder what Jesus would say about that.” (I didn’t bring Jesus into the discussion, he did.)

I don’t wonder what Jesus would say, I know. Jesus loves facts and loathes lies. “…you want children to die in the streets for lack of medical care.” No. When asked to cite ONE example of a child who died in the streets for lack of medical care, he could not.

Obamacare pushes some 20 million uninsured Americans onto State Medicaid programs. Medicaid is already overloaded and operating at a deficit, so the Federal Government would have to prop up all the State Medicaid programs before this is even possible. Medicare/Medicaid is nothing new. It has been available to poor and elderly people since 1964 when Title XIX of the Social Security Act passed.

Obama tried to use as justification a little boy whose mamma was dying because she had no health insurance. This was either a lie or once again, incompetence. Turns out that mom had Medicare available to her BUT SHE REFUSED IT. Ironically, under Obamacare, Medicare/Medicaid would be her coverage option. Over half of those newly insured by Obamacare (some 20 million people) will be added to Medicaid.

The mother had been given free medical care by a local hospital and was still in their care when Obama pulled at our heart strings with the little boy standing next to him saying “thank you President Obama for saving my momma!” This stunt went beyond propaganda and crossed over into deceit.

Here’s a fact. Every hospital spends millions of dollars every year giving out FREE medical treatment, prescriptions, charity care, primary care services, screenings, education and care to poor people.

How do I know this? I work for a hospital organization which operates 40+ hospitals. In our charitable outreach ministry we literally spend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars each year (documented). Not thousands, hundreds of millions. Community Benefit Ministry is one of our Core Values and we practice it daily.

One doctor I personally know says that today, 53% of his practice (in terms of dollars expended) is him giving out FREE healthcare services to patients. That’s over half his time and expenditures.

No one wants any other American to suffer for lack of healthcare. To claim otherwise is just ludicrous. We need to make good medical care available to the poor and uninsured. Who wouldn’t agree with that?

Instead, with Obamacare, we got an ugly hairball of government bureaucracy that no one, not even the “brilliant” minds who conceived this horrific plan, can unravel — 159 NEW Federal Agencies created to process healthcare claims! Has 159 new Federal Government agencies ever fixed anything?

This specific healthcare legislation does all the wrong things in all the wrong ways.

1. A Health Rationing Board comprised of 15 Government bureaucrats who are going to decide WHO deserves healthcare, how much, what, when and how it should be delivered. Not physicians, politicians.

2. An Enforcement Board that WILL FINE you $695/per uninsured person per household, to a max of $2,300 if you do not buy. No matter the reason. I have no money? Too bad. Does this sound like the “hope and change” Obama promised?

Doctors will have to report each patient under their care to the Rationing Board to get a disposition on the treatment. The Board dictates care, not the physician’s medical training and experience. Doctors who do not comply will be fined! First Fines = $100,000, second Fine = jail. Third world dictatorship country or America?

Doctors who have scrutinized Obamacare state that if it takes effect in 2013, more than half of them will stop practicing medicine in the United States. Many have ALREADY formed coalitions and pre-emptively stopped accepting Medicaid patients. Who is going to be around to provide healthcare?

As a Christian Conservative I cannot support Obamacare. There are many, many more solid reasons that are too long to list in a letter to the Editor. Drastically flawed economically, administratively, compassionately and by all practical measures — It is a healthcare disaster worse than the debacle it was supposed to fix.


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