Restoring Honor with No Hidden Agenda

Restoring Honor with No Hidden Agenda

by Titanium Chick

Did you watch the streaming video of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC on Saturday? Or better yet, were you part of the 300,000+ enthusiastic crowd of Patriots who attended?

If you did not, but instead choose to listen to the liberal media’s unfair blasting of it, don’t bother reading this. Your mind is closed and you are likely brainwashed by the liberal “lamestream” media. Any other inputs will not get through. See ya.

I watched a lot of Glenn Beck’s Restore Honor Rally in Washington DC that drew, literally between 200,000-600,000 people (final estimates not in yet….) American Patriots lined both sides of the mall from the Lincoln Memorial where MLK made his “I have a Dream Speech” to the “scarred” Washington Monument and even spilled out to the sides. He had speakers, singers, pastors, rabbis, priests and presenters from all walks of life, and ALL RACES and all religions. He made a strong point of honoring our veterans, the Special Ops Unit was highlighted, millions of dollars donated to support them. Several special individuals were honored for their service. It was amazing.

It had nothing to do with the Civil Rights Movement or even politics. Not once did Beck say anything negative about the Obama Administration or the Democratic Party. In fact, he said both parties need to get their houses in order and turn back to God and our founding principles.

It was all about Restoring Honor to our nation, about turning to God and away from all the noise, including those like Al Sharpton who just want to divide American against American. (Beck never mentioned Sharpton or the legions of liberal critics that blasted him before and after the rally.)

Interestingly and notably, Dr. Alveda King (and other relatives of the late Martin Luther King) joined with Beck and those who want to put God back in His rightful place in this country. She chose not to join Sharpton’s counter-rally that was scheduled well after Beck planned his. Glenn Beck did not hijack anything, he doesn’t claim to own anything, he spoke only about the need to unite this nation under God. It was more spiritual than anything else.

So God Bless America and God Bless American Patriots like Glenn Beck who are not afraid to stand up and be counted. That was his exhortation to all of us, get right with God and then stand up and be counted for Faith, Hope, Charity and Honor.

Anybody that could find fault with that simple message has serious personal issues and chains of ignorance binding their American common sense. We are free to stand together as Americans under God and united under our Constitution. Stand we will.


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