Will We Ever Recover from “The Summer of Recovery?”

Will we Recover from “The Summer of Recovery?”

by Titanium Chick

An article I read recently on the Conservative blog Hot Air “Initial jobless claims hit 500,000” highlighted a startling contradiction between what we are being told by the White House and reality as Americans experience it daily. “While Barack Obama tours the nation claiming that the economy has started heading in the right direction, the data continues to show otherwise. Today, the Department of Labor announced that initial jobless claims hit 500,000 last week, the highest level in 2010 and highest since last November. The four-week rolling average spiked upward again as well.”

The current national unemployment rate hovers just under 10% and is expected to hold steady for at least another year. Tragically that translates to 13%-14% unemployment in Michigan. Yet President Obama recently toured a couple of auto plants in MI and repeatedly patted himself, his Administration and his policies on the back for a job well done! What job well done?

Since the Obama Administration’s Stimulus Plan was passed, we have LOST a staggering 2,581,000 jobs! Hasn’t anyone told him? He repeatedly states “I am confident we are on the right path.” So Mr. Obama, the right path is over $13 TRILLION national debt and 9.5% unemployment? Summer of Recovery? Where?

It seems to me there’s a huge disconnect between the messages of the Obama-Progressive propaganda spin and what is actually going on in this nation. Mr. Obama does not “get” the American people nor does he understand how his policies have created our current dismal, limping economy.

In Seattle during Obama’s recent five-state, three-day cross-country fund-raising trip, just before his most recent 10-day vacation, he pompously stated “But here’s what I can tell you: After 18 months, I have never been more confident that our nation is headed in the right direction.”

Mr. Obama, here’s what the American people can tell you: less than 42 percent of us think you are doing a good job on the economy, according to several polls. Which issue is at the forefront of Americans’ minds? Economy/jobs.

During a normal economic recovery you see rising rates of economic growth as reflected by a rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP). If jobless numbers are not sobering enough, the recent GDP numbers are even more shocking. GDP was expected to be about 2.4 but instead was downgraded by nearly 50% to 1.6.

The Obama Administration, instead of congratulating themselves for a “summer of recovery,” should be standing up in front of the American people and saying, “This is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. We are changing course and are going to do A, B, and C to put the brakes on this serious decline. We take responsibility and we will take measures to end the suffering Americans are experiencing.” That would be respectable.

Yet Obama continues to disassociate himself — his policies, his monstrous economic stimulus plan, the soaring unemployment, and the continued spending of his Congress – from the horrible economy. A frightening disconnect. He calls the bad economy “one of many challenges his administration has had to face.”

Mr. President, YOU have been in charge of this economy for about 20 months; it is a direct result of YOUR failed economic policies. You refuse to see the cause-and-effect relationship. But the American people do see it and we will share it with you on November 2 and again in 2012.


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