I Didn’t Choose

(this was borrowed from a FaceBook friend–cannot say it any better myself)

by Julie Macheledt

“I didn’t choose to be in this position in my life where I worry everyday what new horror I will read about that our present administration is forcing down our throats. I didn’t choose to become a radical ranting maniac against the vile man known as “President of the United States”. I didn’t choose to have such corruption shoved in my face and smugly ignore my pleas of no I don’t believe in that, no I don’t want that.”

“I didn’t choose to be terrified if voter fraud is documented come November and nothing is done and God help this country if it is so; I didn’t choose to have to understand that illegal means legal and legal means illegal; I didn’t choose that I am now in the position that I really don’t have a choice anymore of whether or not I should get a gun, but rather I better damn well get many guns; I didn’t choose that I would have to monitor so very closely what is being taught to my son in school to make sure the liberal left agenda will teach propaganda instead of the truth; I didn’t choose to have the word “God” ignored and prayer has become a dirty word; I didn’t choose that morality has gone out the window and it is okay to say you are gay; I didn’t choose to raise my son in a country where right is now wrong and wrong is now right; I didn’t choose to have this smoldering anger in my heart when I see that common sense isn’t even a word anymore and political correctness is considered common sense.”

“I didn’t choose to have so many brave men and women fighting for our rights and freedoms when they are being taken away from legal Americans everyday; I didn’t choose the horror I am witnessing and the bone chilling fear I feel for my son’s future and his children and his children’s children.”

“However; I do choose to stand up for what is right and what is moral. I do choose to continue my fight to conquer corruption. I do choose to continue to shout my words to try to make people see; I do choose to believe that good can overcome evil if people like myself fight; I do choose to be the voice of reason to those that do not have any or refuse to see reason; I do choose to make myself heard if I am the last person standing; I do choose to fight until my last breath on this earth to save this country so that the way of light will shine for those that I leave behind. So in the end I did choose.”



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