God’s Got This

The past week was a rough one. I’m not going to try to write any epic blog article or say anything that hasn’t already been said by some Conservative Blogger or Author, someone far more articulate than I. I’m just writing from the heart.

The  reality is, if you are an American Christian Conservative, Nov 6, 2012 was a day you’d rather blot out, have a Mulligan, a do-over….anything to avoid the harsh, mean truth. Our Republican candidate–Governor Mitt Romney, moderate a Republican as he was and as good a man and businessman as he was—lost. With him he carried the Conservative hopes of 52 Million Americans who longed to see fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and small government–core Constitutional values–restored.

To put it in perspective: Out of 106 million voters, a mere 2.5 million votes (less than 2% of the popular vote) separated the two. But Mitt Romney didn’t just lose, he lost to arguably the worst President to occupy the White House since Jimmy Carter. Possibly the worst of all time—his 2nd term will prove to be historical evidence of that.

At least I have moved from devastated and despondent to somewhere in the neighborhood of disappointed. And very concerned for America. American Exceptionalism has been dealt a sharp, if not deadly blow.
As a fellow blogger said “The election results remind me that our country has slipped into a deeper state of dependence on government than I wanted to believe. Where the Goliath of government has grown so too has our dependency upon it.”
“It’s also increasingly apparent to me that our real problems are not political, but spiritual. Both parties have failed to acknowledge that. Democrats have not wanted to even acknowledge the need for God in our public institutions, but sadly, many of the Republican leadership will acknowledge God, but not because they believe we should be humble before Him, but to use God in our speeches and platforms. We wear our love of Israel like a badge of courage but on the issues of life and marriage too many of our leaders are more like lambs than Lions of Judah.”
So what now?  Do we just surrender to the rotting, self-indulged, gimme more,  unrighteous yet ‘self-righteous’ philosophy that is Liberalism?  Progressivism, the disease? Do we pack up and quit?  Do we start a new country? Hmmm, that is certainly a tempting and pleasant notion, but not so practical.
We are, in fact, Americans. We are Conservatives and people of faith. The Republican party–for all of its flaws, mistakes and displays of weakness in this election cycle–IS THE PARTY OF PRINCIPLE.  We not only include God in our party platform (like radical right wing Tea Partiers) we include Him in our lives. We include the Constitution of These United States and the Declaration of Independence! This fight for American values will continue–conservative values–the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, freedom of speech and freedom to worship, the Second Amendment, 10th Amendment, limited government, free markets, reduced spending & fiscal responsibility–all of our core principles.
So now, we’ve got 4 years to begin again. To complete the business of saving America from herself. Back to my title “God’s Got This”  He does.

For the past couple of years I have been praying for this election. Ok, sometimes I gave in (after Romney’s nomination)  and said “Please God, let the voters choose Romney over Obama.”  But for the most part I prayed “Dear Almighty God, who holds all things in your powerful, loving hands–let your will be done. Let your kingdom come.”  I don’t see it, but He does.

It is not for us, His people, to fully understand His reasoning, His ways, his intents and purposes or His timing in any of this. That’s where “trust” comes into play. We walk by faith and not by sight.

If we had won this election, it would be easy to say “God wants what we want.” But no, as Abraham Lincoln said, it is crucial to want what God wants.  Not that He is on our side, but that we are on His side. And what I want is for God to be glorified and His wonderful divine love to be shone like a bright beacon light in the night. He will draw many to Himself, to know him and love him. How do we know we are on God’s side, not the Progressive diseases? Because our core values are Biblical, we submit ourselves to the 10 commandments, to God’s values of the sanctity of life and putting God above all human passions and sin.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have the President we want. We may be stuck with a Barack Hussein Obama through 2016. I guess we are. Obama will put all his energy into leading America down the slippery slope into Socialism, Big Uncle Sugar Government dependency, and loss of all core values—the corrosion of all that is America. As ugly and abhorrent as that is, and as much as I will fight it side-by-side with 52 million Conservatives, God is God and He is still on His throne–He cannot be elected out of Office–He holds the universe, the earth with all its evil and its good in His hands. God’s Got This.


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