Titanium Chick? And a Conservative Titanium Chick at that?

(To read about Tinkerbell, my 2005 Harley Low Rider, please visit the page: A Tribute)

Yes, it’s a new part of my identity that life has thrust upon me, I didn’t choose it. For the last seven years, part of my identity has been “Biker Chick.” Then something happened last October to turn me from a Biker Chick into a Titanium Chick.

What is a Titanium Chick, you ask? It’s a woman who has 10 Titanium plates in her face. Or I suppose they could be anywhere in her body. And it could be any number (1 to infinity) of plates.

But this particular Titanium Chick does have 10 Titanium plates, some 12 or so bolts and a mesh support in her face. Not on, in. In her skull, her cheekbones, jaw bones, facial bones – all throughout her face. All you can see are a few scars that are gradually fading, since the plates were surgically inserted about 9 months ago.

Eeeuuuw?  No, not at all, a very good thing. Those Titanium plates, expertly inserted by Dr. Yapa, a premier Maxillo-Facial Surgeon in Detroit, held my skull and facial bones together while they were all broken and smashed. They provided the structure so my bones could regrow and regenerate themselves within about 5 weeks after surgery. I have a cool x-ray that shows 7 of the 10, want to see it?

I am relentlessly optimistic. What more can I say? …a lot more, and I will. Writing is one of my most beloved forms of self expression.

As long as this is a free country and the Constitutional protection of free speech exists, I shall write. And play my viola, and draw, and ride my motorcycle ( I have to get a new one first, my dear Low Rider met her maker last fall). Life is good, very good. And I remain thankful to God for keeping me in the palm of His hand.


4 Responses to About

  1. Pam-ster says:

    Had neck surgery in March. I have a plate of my own AND 8 screws, lolol!

  2. safariman says:

    Beautiful blog. Beautiful libertarian viewpoint.

    I’ve got some metal parts too…nearly seven years now. I’m quite satisfied.

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