Our Socialist President

Life with Liberals
What my liberal friends seem to be passionate about are the things that they perceive as threats to their liberal way of thinking. One of them, instead of presenting his thoughts, copy/pastes lists of Obama’s alleged “accomplishments.” He gleaned from the most blatantly propagandistic Fed Gov website ever created: Recovery.org. Please. Some of the statements are true, but are only half, or less, of the story.

(The second thing that is sure to incite rage…errr, I mean…passion in my liberal friend is: Tea Party “baggers” and what horrible people we are. Tsk tsk. See my article The Real Tea Party)

Half-the-Truth-and-Nothing-But-Half-the-Truth, so-Help-Me-Obama
You go on vacation leaving me to dog sit (questionable move). You call to see how ole Gnarley is doing. So if I told you “Your dog is being very well-taken care of, spoiled and pampered really, being hand-fed and petted every hour.” You would say…”sounds great, you’re doing a good job, thanks!”

But I forgot to mention, or inadvertently left out, the other part of the story. Ooops. I let your dog run out into the street and get hit by a speeding Fed Ex truck. He’s at the vet now, clinging to his doggy life. Yes, he’s being hand-fed because he cannot move to eat. And yes, he’s being petted regularly to keep his circulation going in hopes that the paralysis will disappear.

Well, that’s the part of the story our beloved Fed Gov is omitting. Why be negative, right?

Our Socialist President
Another of my liberal friends gets predictably spitting mad every time I mention Obama’s Socialism. It scares the hell out of her, probably because she knows its true, like most of us, deep down inside. And yes, I don’t know that she knows much about socialism, or even the many socialistic entitlement programs Obama has initiated.

Here’s an accurate synopsis of Obama’s socialism, in my opinion. It’s from an article by a British political writer, Adam Shaw:

“There are as many exact definitions of socialism as there are socialists. Yet they do have common characteristics. Love of big government, nationalization of industry, massive taxation, wealth redistribution, etc. all point towards socialism.”

“Someone like the president would not even have to say he was a socialist in Western Europe; it would be assumed quite normally, without any fuss or conspiracy….. President Obama is quite clearly a socialist.”

“All these verbal gymnastics that are used to avoid stating the obvious may be rather humorous for someone watching from over the Atlantic, but for Americans, such delusion is a very serious matter. It is important, not just for the American right, but for the American people as a whole, to realise just exactly who it is they have elected to office. With the approval numbers dropping almost daily for the president, it appears that it is sinking in for the generally center-right American public.”

“However, when people on the right start being “concerned” about describing Obama as what he clearly is, in part due to the hysteria that both sides of the political spectrum exhibit when the word “socialist” is used, then it damages the effectiveness of opposition to him. Instead of being able to define what Obama’s aims are in his presidency, those on the left and on the right keep pushing Obama into a slightly left-of-center, non-ideological fog. Such a political move is deceitful, and it does not allow the American public to get a clear perception of just what they have voted into the White House.”

“Those of us across the pond who analyze American politics know exactly who it is you have in the White House. Obama is not some new post-political entity. Nor is he some form of Stalinist that will set up a USSA. He is a normal, well-spoken, charismatic socialist who in Britain would sit quite happily towards the left of the Labour Party alongside figures such as Tony Benn, Aneurin Bevan, Harold Wilson, and Ed Balls.”

“To call someone a socialist is not conspiratorial, and it is not fear-mongering; it is simply the truth, and it is time for some in the conservative media to take a deep breath and admit it — America has a socialist leading the country.”

“Welcome to the club: It stinks!”

Not Over Yet: American Exceptionalism*

*I give full and enthusiastic credit for the phrase “American Exceptionalism” to fellow Conservative friend, Jamal Greene. You can read his “Why I am a Conservative” speech on my main post page (scroll down).

A writer in Great Britain may be willing to accept that America is being run by a Socialist President….but wait, this is America, not Great Britain.

We have a Constitution of the United States of America that begins with “WE THE PEOPLE…” It states in Article IV, Section 4, we are a “Republican Government” not a Socialist government. And Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People (ratified 12/15/1791) states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to THE PEOPLE.”

So it is up to us, We the People, whether we be “tea baggers,” republicans, democrats, liberals or conservatives, to keep our American Republic intact. We have to say a loud and clear, emphatic, passionate “NO” to Socialism, no matter what political party cloak it adorns itself with.

“When government Is expanded, Liberty Is contracted” Thomas Jefferson


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